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2010-04-12 03:34 pm
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 So... Is it better to not try, and have people expect it of you, or to actually try, and have them be disappointed in you?

Today in chemistry (my worst subject) I tried to do my homework. (After not really doing anything all year, I've decided to actually try. I even got 2/5 of my assignments turned in this quarter. ^.^) I didn't get today's work completed, so I was still working on it when class started. When our row was called to hand in the work, the teacher said something to me along the lines of "Again?" So ii told him at least I'm trying. Well then he said "you're not trying very hard."

The whole point of this is that people don't, no, can't change overnight. It takes a little more than a week to turn someone into a good student. I just wish that teachers (the supposed 'smart people') can't figure this out.
</ rant>